I am excited to announce that I am open for children, family and senior sessions! Of course, this can change should the governor's orders change. However, I am making arrangements for rescheduling sessions and booking new ones according to "Phase two” of the governor’s plan. 

As the state starts to open up I can’t help but to be a little worried about the safety of my family and the safety of the community. I can tell you that I am going to do all that I can with everything in my power to protect each family I photograph until this virus is under control. 

How will I do that and what will sessions look like from now on? I’m here to answer all of your questions, let’s get started!

Everything will be done online, except for the actual session.

If you have already had a session with me in the last month then you know that everything from booking your session, to your gallery delivery and artwork design are all done over the phone and online. We will communicate through phone calls, emails and zoom meetings. Not only are we keeping things easy and convenient for your family, but now it ensures limited contact between you and others.

Sessions will be limited to one per day.

I will be taking the extra precautions right now to limit the number of people I see a day by only allowing one session per day to book. I also need extra time to clean and sanitize my studio for people who would like to do a studio session. If you would like to know more about my sanitizing and studio guidelines read my blog Keeping Everyone Safe!

Since I will be limiting my session, I cannot encourage you enough to get on the calendar sooner rather than later.

During your session I will be keeping 6ft away and masked.

As much as I will want to squish your children and give you all hugs and high fives, I will keep my distance. Since I’m such a re-adjuster, I will be practicing restraint and guiding you you verbally into poses, the experience will really not feel any different to you and the results will be the same beautiful portraits. It will just be a new challenge for me and one that I will master quickly. 

While I do not expect you to wear a mask, because I want to see those smiling faces! I will be wearing a mask for added protection. That means while in the studio or the great outdoors. 

I did write a blog on what it will be like during a social distancing family session, you can read more about that here: What will a social distance family session be like?

Outdoor Locations will be carefully chosen.

Outdoor locations can include your home or a local park. The parks I choose to hold my outdoor sessions must have a photographic quality which includes room to roam, fun places to play, and beautiful light. I will also want a location that isn’t super crowded with people. In addition, I will be making sure all the locations are open, available for use and not suddenly popular for visitors.

Please schedule your session from July through September.

Experts (people who know more then I do about pandemics) are predicting a second wave to come up later this year. I know that typically everyone loves the fall colors and the perfect PNW weather at that time, I am encouraging you to not wait. I don’t know when or if the state will ever slip back a phase, but you’ll want to have your session done before parks are limited or our next possible lock down. Especially those Senior portraits that always get pushed to the last minute, just don't hesitate this year.

All artwork will now be shipped directly from the lab to your door.

As much as I love seeing your albums and wall collections first then having the bonus of getting to meet with you when I deliver them, I want you to be able to limit contact. I will have your artwork shipped directly to you until the state has entered “phase four” of reopening. Besides, who doesn’t love getting fun things in the mail!? Personally, I love getting packages in the mail!

I want to work together with everyone and remain flexible. By following these guidelines, we can keep our loved ones and our communities healthy and safe while ensuring your family’s legacy is captured. I understand that with mandatory masks, quarantines and social distancing, this virus has given us that feeling of unease and unpredictability in our everyday lives. I am so grateful for your continued support. If any other questions about photography sessions pop up, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to answer.