I love being around people who are in love, which is why engagements and weddings are on the list of what I take joy in capturing. Your wedding day is one of the most momentous days of your life. I will skillfully capture every memorable moment so you can enjoy your unique love story and pass on the images to future generations to treasure. I do have custom wedding collections available for your special wedding day.

Groom kissing bride on cheek.
Wedding table setting.
Someone recording wedding on their phone.
Wedding candles.
Bride and groom saying wedding vows.
Bride and groom on a fence.
Bride comforting her daughter.
Wedding pary boot shoot.
Bride and groom kissing off of a porch.
Wedding cake topper.
Wedding tables ready for guests.
Grooms men having a beer.
Grooms cowboy hat.
Bride covering grooms eyes from behind.
Grooms men and groom.
Groom dipping bride for a kiss.
Close up of grooms boutonniere.
Newly engaged couple shows off ring.
Man kissing his wife to be on the cheek.
Newly engaged happy couple under a tree.
Cake topper of the eiffel tower.
Brides shoes up close.
Bride and groom talking in the sunlight.
Groom dipping bride in front of waterfall.
Flowers on a wedding table.
Wedding dress hanging in a window.
Wedding ceremony.
Newly engaged couple dancing.
Couple looking at each other with Seattle in the background.
A couple shows off the engagement ring.
A newly married couple posing on a roof top with Bellevue in the background.
Close up of wedding bouquet.
Newly married couple on lime bikes.
Newly married couple in the sunlight.
Seattle in the background of the wedding flowers.
Bride getting ready for her wedding.
Conga line of wedding party.