During this time of change and unease, we are all left wondering what the future will look like. Will we be living in quarantine forever? Will there ever be a vaccine? Will my high school senior relish in her last year of childhood?  

If you're like me, you have so many questions about what the future holds. I can’t predict what our lives will be like, but I know for certain that photography is still very important. We can be documenting our lives full of love. Sharing the laughter and capturing our joy. We can create a legacy of all the moments that prove our hope was stronger than our fears. I am honored to say that I can help you do just that, all while staying safe and maintaining social distancing.

What will a family photo session taken with social distancing look like?

The shortest answer, almost exactly the same as before. Your gallery will be filled with images featuring your family together, laughing together, playing together, loving one another. I will just be standing a little further away. 

I have always directed families with fun prompts and coaching, not by physically moving anyone. In the past I have straightened hair or adjusted necklaces, but now instead of me doing it you will be dealing with those pieces of hair and jewelry.

Jackie Phairow Photography famiy photo session collage

Where can sessions take place?

Well, you have two choices, in the studio or outside. 

My studio has room to do a family session for up to 6 people. I will have it cleaned and sanitized before and after all sessions. I am only photographing one family per session and only one session per day to limit exposure for everyone. For more information check out my blog Keeping Everyone Safe.

Outside locatons can include your home or a park. The parks I choose for family portraits are ones that offer you somewhere to explore all while having beautiful light and not being crowded.

Will all my photos look really far away now?

No, not at all. My favorite lens for family photography is already the 70-200mm zoom lens, which means I have to be backed up away from my subjects, just to get everyone in the frame. I am able to take you as an entire family, individual portraits of the kids, and photos of mom and dad together all with that lens in an outdoor session or in my studio.

Jackie Phairow Photography family shoot

So what will be different?

I will not be squeezing your babies, collecting hugs or giving high fives your children. I love a good kiddo cuddle, but I will be maintaining space between us for both of our health and safety. But you can bet I will be dishing out some epic air high fives.

As a small business owner, I am so grateful for your continued support. I understand the responsibility of capturing your family and do not take the task lightly. I also know that through all this craziness we can create beautiful photos of your family just like we always have and we can do it all while practicing social distancing. If you have any other questions about family photo sessions during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out.