Teen in gown standing in water at sunset.
Happy couple showing off their baby bump.
Little girl sitting in the Fall light.
Two hands making a heart.
High School Senior shushing in a library.
Little girl in pink dress with baby bunnys in her lap.
Teen walking bare foot on the beach at sunset.
A pregnant couple sitting in front of a waterfall.
Newborn baby girl with eyes wide open.
Just married couple happily about to kiss.
Two kids sitting on a bed with their toes out.
A full pregnant belly in black and white.
A happy family standing in a field.
Close up of baby hands and feet.
A girl and her dog close up.
Newborn baby wrapped and laying in a basket.
Highschool Senior standing in front of the mountains.
Close up of a pregnant belly in a light blue dress.
A mom with her kids close up and smiling.
A giggling teenager in black and white.
One year old twins eating cake.
Boy dressed as batman.
Upclose of a wedding ring.
Brothers by the lake.
A man giving his wife a piggy back ride.
A baby surrounded by lavendar.
A close up of a women in black and white.
Little girl dressed like an angel.
Two parents gazing at their son from below.
A groom whispering into his new wifes ear.
A boy peeking from behind a tree.
Two boys sharing one three scoop ice cream cone.

Hi, I am Jackie and I am a dreamer.

I am a fun loving girl who happens to have a passion for portrait photography and my personal mission is to change the world one wall at a time. I want to help people capture memories in a unique way that celebrates where they are in their life and then create artwork from those captured moments that will last a lifetime.

I have been doing photography for over ten years. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and I am also a member of the PPA (the Professional Photographers of America). I have a full service photography studio, which means I will help you design, capture and decorate your home with your gorgeous portraits in a way that works best for you and your family. I am fully insured and 100% all about making family portraits beautiful, fun and unique. If you’re a dreamer like me and would love to have your family memories turned into beautiful art, then I’d be more than happy to change your world, just tell me which wall.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

—Dorothea Lange

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