The bond between a mother and a child is unlike any other one that can be beautifully captured with a camera. But if you are anything like me, you are always the one behind the camera in family photos and hardly ever in them. When I felt brave enough to DIY my own family portraits with my camera on a timer mounted to my tripod I ended up capturing a frazzled mom running frantically back and forth with a crazy weird smile and a on top of that I missed a lot of the fun moments.

After my DIY session, I decided to have our family portraits professionally taken. I was too busy worrying about everyone else and I don't get a chance to relax and enjoy the photo session. The portraits were also focused more on my kids and as a mom I know we hardly ever get to capture the little moments of us being ourselves. My oldest daughter has now graduated High School and is ready to enlist in the Navy! This new family transition has reminded that life is truly precious and filled with moments we sometimes take for granted. I am going from telling waiters we need a table for five to requesting a table of four. It reminded me that I want to be in more photos with my children. I want to look back on these times and remember my kids at these ages. This is why I have come to realize the importance of Mommy and Me Portrait Sessions.

Now is the perfect time to capture memories with your children, regardless of where you or your kids are in life. I want to create portraits sessions that work for you, so whether you want a few shots with your children or you simply want some memorable candid shots of you and your own mother, I am here to guide you. I want you to feel the opposite way I felt during my own portrait sessions. This is your chance to get creative. To really make a portrait session all about you and your kids and the special bond that you share.

Bring along anything that will make you all feel comfortable and I will help you spend some time together as I do my job. For example, you might want to bring a blanket and some of your daughter's favorite books so that we can capture your snuggles and story time. Maybe you want to stop and grab some yummy treats with your son or bring along a game that you both enjoy playing. This is all about creating a space where you can enjoy being together. A fun relaxed space so I can perfectly capture all the little moments for you.

If you are looking for alternative to the traditional family portraits, the mommy and me portraits are ideal. While a family portrait can be a wonderful way to capture those special moments of you and your children through the years, it does require some extra effort to get everyone together and in the same place. A mommy and me portrait session is easier to style and coordinate. I love that mommy and me portrait photography is intimate and sweet with very little fuss. These sessions don't take very long and will free up your schedule to spend more quality time together. These sessions provide a space where those natural interactions of mothers can play out resulting in a mini time capsule of your current relationship. You might even want to make this an annual tradition so that you can beautifully document the changing relationships you have with your children as you all grow older. My kids are all so different and having a special moment dedicated to them is a gift that we will cherish for always.