Here in the Pacific North West the hot, long dog days of summer actually only last a few weeks, but the PNW summer sun light is beautiful and it usually lasts from July 4th to September 31st. Being outdoors in the summer sun is a great setting for some fun portraits of you and your loved ones. It's my busiest time of the year, families want the warm sunshine and enjoy the long daylight hours. In order to get the best results from your summer session, there are a few things to consider before you step in front of my camera lens.

1.  Wear sunscreen. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, especially with children, sunscreen is a must. Even if the air here feels cool, the constant sunlight will get to your skin. Sunscreen can however also make your skin look quite shiny. If possible apply makeup that has built-in sunscreen otherwise apply some powered concealer to spots that look especially oily.

2. Bring along some tissues & concealer powder. On the rare really hot summer day in the PNW you're probably going to sweat. Bring along some tissues for dabbing off the sweat and your concealer powder for touch ups. I do carry along a fine clear finishing powder in my gear for just in case of emergency, but having your preferred brand and color could be preferred.

3.  There might be bugs. Photos in the woods can be romantic and beautiful but depending on the time of day and the area you’re in, it could mean swatting away flies and mosquitos. A little bug repellent can make your portrait session a lot more pleasant and the after math a lot less itchy.

4.  Stay hydrated. This one is a big one. Even on relatively cool days in the sunshine you may get dehydrated. Posing for pictures may not seem like hard work but in the summer sun, you don't have to move around much to be affected by the heat. Make sure you bring lots of water and other hydrating beverages, and drink up often.

5.  Apply makeup sparingly. You want that fresh, sun kissed look in your photos so don’t overdo your makeup application.

6.  What you wear matters. Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits your body shape. Feel free to incorporate accessories such as a hat but don’t let it overwhelm your portrait or obscure your family.

7.  Choose your time of day. Since midday is the hottest part of the day with the sun the highest in the sky, either plan your shoot early in the morning or just before the sun sets to avoid looking hot and flustered in your portraits. If you do only have time in the middle of the day consider a shaded wooded area for your session. We have so many beautiful shaded parks and trails around the PNW to choose from, it's part of the reason why I love living here.

If your not sure or have any questions about summer photography sessions I am happy to have a chat anytime about locations, times of day, and outfit choices so don't hesitate to reach out.