I thought since we will be doing Spring Bunny Sessions on March 28th, I should do a little write up about the bunnies we will have in my studio and a few tips on how to handle them during your portrait session.

The bunnies we will be cuddling with are called Rex rabbits and are so amazingly soft! The Rex rabbit has a unique gene which gives its coat a velvety texture. The fur is extremely dense, and the hair’s length and quality uniform all across the body. They are not high maintenance when it comes to grooming. In fact, they require the least amount of grooming than any other rabbit breed. You might get a little hair on your clothes, but for the most part you will stay hair free during your session.

In the United States, there are 16 different coat colors for the Rex Rabbits and some of these include castor, seal, chinchilla, opal, black, white, amber, as well as Broken (which is any color mixed with white). We will have a few different colors in the studio. The Broken Opals are my favorite.They are so cute!

Rex rabbits eat rabbit pellets, hay, fresh greens and fresh fruit. They have big appetites and need up to a quarter cup of pellets per day, for every 5 pounds of their body weight. A standard Rex rabbit weighs about 8 to 12 pounds. We will have some yummy veggies in the studio for them to munch.

These bunnies are raised by my good friends at Cherry Hill Farm in Duvall. They are show bunnies and are becoming accustomed to being handled. Rex rabbits are docile and friendly. The bunnies we will have in the studio are still kiddos, but don’t worry mamma bunny will be here to comfort them during breaks.

Jackie Phairow Photography portraits with kids and bunnies

Since the bunnies are still little themselves we want to make sure they are safe when being handled. I have developed some basic poses with the bunnies to keep both bunnies and kiddos safe and adorable at the same time. Before you bunny session talk to your kiddos about what to expect. The better prepared they are, the more likely they'll have a good experience and we will get all those perfect shots to remember. Here are a few tips on how to handle the bunnies during the session. 

  • Have your kiddos always approach the bunnies slowly and let them get down to the bunnies level. This will help put the bunnies at ease. 
  • Even though the bunnies are well groomed, they may have sharp little nails. Dress your kiddos in a cute outfit that includes long sleeves to avoid arm scratches.
  • When petting the bunnies be gentle and slow, this will have a calming effect. They are best to pet backwards, from tail to head.
  • When your kiddo feels confident to pick a bunny up, have them scoop the bunny up by placing a hand under the torso and pull the bunny close to their body.
  • Have your kids always support the bunnies back legs when they are being held so they feel secure.
  • When your kiddo is putting the bunny down, have them slowly squat down while holding the bunny close and let the bunny down gently.
  • If your kiddo feels nervous about holding a bunny, no worries. We can place the bunny in a basket or on a blanket to help calm everyone's nerves. 

Lastly, I keep my sessions light, fun and easygoing. Don’t worry and relax. Bunnies can feel your nervousness, so the more relaxed and excited you and your kids are the more fun it is for the bunnies.  

Spring Bunny Sessions are happening on March 28th this year and if this sounds like an adorably fun portrait session to you just fill out the contact form and we will get you booked!

Jackie Phairow Photography portraits with real bunnies and kids