Have you ever wanted to learn photography? Your in luck! Throughout the year I teach photography classes at my studio here in Woodinville. I offer morning or afternoon photography classes, one day photography classes, weekend workshops and kids photography camps. 

I have three main classes. A Basic Photography class that teaches the basics of photography, composition and helps to get everyone familiar with the buttons on their cameras. People who take this class are usually going on vacation or just got a brand new camera they need to learn. I've been told that I am very detailed and that my basic classes covers a lot compared to some other photography classes. I'll just take their word for it!

I also teach a Mom-tography class helping to teach mom's and dad's the best ways to capture their kids. It's hard to wrangle kids and having some professional tips and tricks are very useful on those family vacations. I want ways for families to have those magical memories captured and have them look good! This class is also a great way for parents to get away from their kids for a little while to relax and have fun learning.

Every summer I teach a photography camp for kids ages 8-12 years old. My camp is a mix of science and photography. It all started when my two oldest kids were 12 and 9 years old. They wanted to learn photography, but their little brother was 6 years old and he had the attention span of a goldfish. He was really into science experiments at the time so in order to develop a way to teach my older two photography, I blended his love of science experiments into my photography lessons. All of my kids absolutely loved it. Through the grapevine their friends wanted to experience it and that's how my Snap Camp was born.

Over the years of teaching Snap Camp I have learned two things. The bigger the mess, the more fun the kids have and that kids are inspiring. I love seeing the kids take my photography lessons to the next level. They always turn my lessons upside down to create the most amazing images. They are not afraid to try new things, to get messy and break a few eggs. (We really do break eggs!)

My favorite day in camp is the day we work on self portraits. The way they see themselves, the thoughtfulness and the creativity they bring to their portraits is just beautiful. This lesson boosts the kids confidence, like flowers blooming right before my eyes they come into the person they are and begin the journey of who they want to be. It fills my heart and keeps me excited about my field.

I know the future of photography will be filled with bright, innovative ideas and I am grateful to be able to teach the next generation of photographers. If your looking for more information on my classes head over to my website here.