If family photos are one of your annual traditions or if you’re just looking to change up the photos that are currently hanging in your home, there are so many unique photo-shoot ideas that you can use that go beyond the usual posed portraits. I have some fun ideas below for some inspiration as you plan your next family portrait session.

Silhouettes - If you have a beautiful location in mind, taking family photos at dusk or even at night with the stars as your backdrop, will allow you to capture your silhouettes and give you a unique family portrait to hang in your home.

Reflections - Have your family stand in front of a still body of water so that you can capture your reflections instead.

Footprints - If you still have young children in the house, use your feet to create a special image that you can frame or print on canvas. The photo could be of your feet intertwined at the foot of the bed or of your feet in the sand at the beach.

Perspective - If you’re looking for something a little more creative, why not line your family members up and take a shot from the side so that you see your faces from a different angle.

Kisses - This is another great option if you have a new baby or a toddler in the house. Have each parent plant a kiss on baby’s face. This photo allows you to capture the sweet innocence of your child at that age and the love you have as a family.

Dress Up -The best family photos are those that capture a genuine moment between loved ones. Have your husband and son get dressed in their Sunday best to get a shot of them fastening their ties or bow ties in the mirror. Play dress up with your little girl by placing curlers in your hair and hers and get a shot of the two of you looking in the mirror.

Don’t be afraid to get creative at your next shoot. Ask me for advice or ideas if you need some extra help. I am full of creative solutions!