If you have ever wondered what motivates a photographer’s passion, your are not the only one and I would be delighted to let you in on some of the reasons I love being a photographer. Capturing laughs, creating moments and designing artwork are just a few of the things I love about being a photographer and I wouldn't change my job for anything in the world.

Photography changes how you see things.

Before I did photography for a living, I though I was pretty observant of my surroundings but after I got totally immersed into photography I learned that being a photographer lets you notice colors, textures, flowers, trees, people, shapes and light in a way most people never see them. You pay more attention to the beauty around you, especially the way light falls on the world. Even the most mundane object can become beautiful when you photograph it in a creative way. Many photographers love their job because they develop a fascination with the world around them by viewing it through new eyes.

It's an amazing creative outlet.

You get the chance to put a little bit of who you are into each photo that you take. So much of my time and creativity goes into any one photograph. Before I press down the shutter button I have imagined the final portrait in my head, crafted the perfect prompt, waited just long enough to seize the moment and then BAM! The shutter has closed with the perfect moment safely stored on my memory card and I may do a little song to celebrate it. Anyone can click a camera's buttons but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life.

It's a challenge.

Creating amazing portraits that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and imagination. Especially living here in the PNW! We tend to have all types of weather within a 24 hour period and so every portrait session can change from one minute to the next. We can start the session with a light hazy fog that lifts to a beautiful blue sky with a nice breeze that carries the clouds in just in time for a light rain and then the sun will pierce through the clouds to finish off the session. We have a variety of landscapes and parks coupled with the unpredictable weather means there is always something new to explore and to experience a new way to take the same portraits. It’s a job that never gets boring.

You get to meet new people all the time.

A photographer works with people from all walks of life. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing someone’s personality through in a photo. I love people and I love learning different cultures. Connecting with people through their sadness, hardships, celebrations, customs and joyful moments is what make this job the best and a lot of fun!

The flexibility is great.

Being a full time photographer means you get to work your own hours. This doesn’t mean it’s a laid back profession though. I am always aiming to perfect my craft by taking on new challenges and helping my clients achieve the perfect pictures. I am also constantly refining my process to make it easier and less stressful for my clients.

When you decide to pay for a professional photography session, you should know that you are hiring an individual who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to help you create beautiful photos that you can treasure forever.