I don't think outside the box; I think of what I can DO with the box. I really wanted to offer something a little different this year and these box mini sessions are definitely a little different from a normal portrait shoot!

Here's the scoop, I had this idea for box mini sessions but my husband was on a business trip in San Fransisco for the the week. Okay, so I can't build a box without his help, maybe someone will have a giant cardboard box I can use. I posted on all the local neighbors pages, I asked all my friends and I even drove around town to all the appliance stores asking for a big cardboard box to create this mini session set up. I was on borrowed time. One of my best friends Melanie needed a baby sitter for her two year old daughter the coming Saturday and that was my chance to get a box and play around with my idea using her adorable daughter. I was running on borrowed Grace time.

Jackie Phairow Photography building box

Saturday came and Grace was dropped off at my house. I still had no box but I was determined to figure this out. I strapped her into her car seat to drive around one last time and by noon I was out of time and I headed to the airport to pick up my husband from his business trip. While driving home from the airport I was telling him all about my box mini ideas and it turned out he was down for building me a box! I was so excited. We went from the airport to Home Depot to pick up the materials. After some brainstorming over materials we bought the supplies and headed home to construct the box. I was named the Chief Executive board holder. It's a very important job. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I am forever grateful that he supports my crazy photography ideas.

Jackie Phairow Photography box grid portrait

Long story short, I have a box now! I want kids and families to show their personalities, interests, playfulness with these Box mini sessions. Children AND adults are welcome to climb in the box. It's a nine cube set up I will guide you through some fun poses, combinations and collaborate new ideas with you so that everyone is featured. You will be able to choose the final 9 images from a personalized online gallery. This is a one of a kind photo experience all because I have a wonderful husband!

Your session includes a 10x10 mounted print as well as a low resolution digital image perfect for sharing on social media. Upgrades are available for cards, larger prints, canvases, metal prints or the high resolution digital files. These also make great gifts for the grandparents who have everything!

I will have a handful of props to use during your shoot or if you want to personalize it some more feel free to bring your own. Think about your favorite things like sporting equipment, stuff animals, blankets, etc.

Cost: $199 for a 30 minute session. Sessions will take place at my photography studio because the box is heavy duty and hard to move.

If you are interested in having an inside the box mini session, just go to my contact page and put box mini's in the message box.