Hello from your friendly neighborhood photographer!

I know this year Santa can't come out to my studio and it's so disappointing. It's not only disappointing for me because I don't get hang out with Santa all day, but to all those adorably excited kids who list off their Christmas list dreams to him. To this day one of very favorite Christmas list asks was not one, but two donkeys! One white donkey and one black donkey who's names needed to be Salt and Pepper. Every year my heart is filled with so much joy hosting Santa.

I happen to know that Santa likes Snicker Doodle cookies, whole fat milk and the magic of Christmas. Since he is staying out of the public eye until "the big day" to stay in tip top shape he is missing all those toothless smiles and the childhood wonder that shines through the gaps. COVID-19 has also left him feeling a little lonely since he mostly runs on sweet treats, big hugs and kid giggles he has devised a way to at least collect the kid giggles.

As I mentioned above, I am good friends with Santa and he has set up an online way for your family to experience some holiday cheer with him on your own personal virtual call from his home in the North pole with Jingle Ring. COVID-19 did steal away my hang out time with Santa at my studio, but that doesn't mean your we can't have a fun and memorable moment with Santa this year. Jingle Ring is easy to use from anywhere in the world! It’s safe & secure and works from any device with an internet connection. No traffic, no lines, no stress, and no app required.

I'd like to invite you to get your coziest pj's on (I actually live in mine right now), a cup of hot cocoa (mine will have a little adult fun added) and snuggle up in front of your favorite device for a holly jolly chat with Santa. That's totally what we are going to do and boy are my kids Christmas lists long this year! I might have to email their lists out to him after our visit, but at least none of them have a donkey or two written down.

You can book your Jingle Ring zoom call with the link below and Happy Santa chatting.



Santa virtual visit flyer